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Seating Map Pricing & Details


Refinery Deck - $42 per match, $714 total (limited)

With just 104 tickets available, the Refinery Deck is the most exclusive seat at ONEOK Field. Situated on the second level of the stadium, right at midfield, it is the perfect view of the pitch. All Refinery Deck tickets come included with food, soft drinks and parking on matchdays.

Midfield - $20 per match, $340 total

Situated in the middle of the field and directly across from the benches, these are the best seats in the house in ONEOK Field’s lower bowl. Fans will get fantastic views of all the action on both ends of the pitch with direct views of both goals. Like the sideline seats, these seats will also be in the shade in the afternoon as the sun sets behind.

Sideline - $18 per match, $306 total

Want to be along the sideline but not pay as much to have midfield seats? Then this is the spot for you. Get a great look at players and coaches on the benches while seeing the back-and-forth soccer on both ends of the pitch. These seats will also be in the shade in the afternoon as the sun sets behind.

East Corner - $16 per match, $272 total

The East Corner seats will be well within earshot of the Supporters Sections while also being close to the massive Scoreboard Bar out in left field. It won’t take but a few minutes to leave your seat and grab a drink while missing none of the action at FC Tulsa matches. 

West Corner - $14 per match, $238 total

Around the west corner of the pitch sits some of the best ‘bang for your buck’ seats in the stadium. Not only will fans in this section get a nice, full view of the action, but they get to choose whether to sit closer to the supporters, or around the corner to view the bench side of the pitch.

Endline - $12 per match, $204 total

On either side of the Supporters Section, fans on the Endline will have an up-close and personal view of the rowdy supporters. The atmosphere generated by the supporters will bleed over into these sections as fans learn the chants and cheers created from the supporters groups. Endline fans will be among the closest to the field. 

Supporters Section - $10 per match, $170 total

With seats directly behind the goal, the Supporters Section will have the loudest influence on any FC Tulsa match. Whether it’s rattling the opposing keeper or encouraging the home one, the supporters will have some of the closest seats to the field. Fans in this section will stand for all 90 minutes of action and will be allowed to bring in drums and flags to help set the atmosphere to make ONEOK Field a fortress for FC Tulsa.