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FC Tulsa and local merchandise partners continue to build brand in Tulsa

By FC Tulsa, 07/29/20, 8:45AM CDT


FC Tulsa's work with Flash Flood print studios, Mac’s Soccer Shack, Mythic Press, and Comgraphx builds the brand in Tulsa

TULSA – Now, more than ever, FC Tulsa knows the importance of keeping it local. When the club launched its new brand and vision for Tulsa’s professional soccer team in December, a pillar of that vision was a commitment to working with local Tulsa businesses to produce some of the best merchandise in American soccer.

“When we first set out at creating an entirely new set of merchandise for FC Tulsa, it was crucial to us that we did that in collaboration with Tulsa-based companies,” said Stacia Fox, FC Tulsa’s Merchandise Manager. “We committed to reinvesting in our community from the beginning, and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic it has become paramount that we keep money in the Tulsa community and support our local merchandise partners.”

FC Tulsa’s merch partnerships with local businesses such as Flash Flood print studios, Mac’s Soccer Shack, Mythic Press, and Comgraphx have been a massive part of the club’s success.

“We’ve been so inspired by FC Tulsa’s focus on community throughout the pandemic,” said May Yang from Flash Flood Print Studios. “From matching donations for Philbrook Museum to the many partnerships with local small businesses and artists, the club has done an incredible job bringing Tulsa together.”

FC Tulsa has seen a 600% increase in merchandise revenue since launching the new brand in late 2019.

“It has been nothing but a pleasure working with FC Tulsa,” said Jacob McWherter from Mac’s Soccer Shack. “It has been exciting watching FC Tulsa start from scratch and build a new brand from the ground up. We were amazed to see all of the research and development the new ownership put into the new crest, colors, and branding overall.”

The club has also recently moved into a new office, and it will soon house the club’s first ever team store.

“There is nothing better than getting in on the ground floor, working with a new brand launch,” said Tori Wooster from Comgraphx. “This particular launch was very close to my heart, and it was so thrilling to be a part of the team’s rebirth. Being able to build a strong partnership with a local company is the best of the best. It provides a level of pride that is special, and instills a connection to an organization like ours that is also trying to make Tulsa a better place for all.”

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, FC Tulsa has continued to build relationships and connect with the local businesses of Tulsa, and the club is committed to doing so into the future.

“When someone supports a local company, they are investing in their city,” said Shelby Billings from Mythic Press. “Mythic Press is, first and foremost, a Tulsa-based company.  We really care about this city and want to see it prosper.  When two Tulsa companies work together, this amazing electricity happens … we are excited to build each other up. The partnership we've had with FC Tulsa has been a privilege and we look forward to what else it produces.”

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