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Lebo Moloto's fresh hairstyle for Monday's match goes all the way back home

By FC Tulsa, 07/16/20, 9:45AM CDT


"I used to leave defenders lying on the ground, so the nickname stuck with me." - Lebo Moloto

When the FC Tulsa players stepped out of the locker room on Monday night, almost everyone had a fresh hairstyle for the restart of the season. Lebo Moloto was among them, hair newly-shaped into massive waves atop his head. The FC Tulsa midfielder wowed spectators worldwide with his intricate passing and ability to maintain possession, but his hairstyle was a callback to his home in South Africa.

Moloto explains:

"Most people back home in South Africa refer to me as tsunami. That’s what I used to be known by. It was my nickname. Those were my academic days, when we were kids from the village. I was playing in one of the top academies in Johannesburg, and I was terrorizing top academy players. I used to leave defenders lying on the ground, so the nickname stuck with me. There also had recently been a tsunami in Asia, so there was a lot of talk about tsunamis around us. The waves hairstyle kind of lends itself to a tsunami, when you have big waves. It’s a cool hairstyle, cheap and easy to get. It was the only one kids like myself could afford to do when our parents didn’t have money for haircuts.”

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